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Wright Sterile Processing LLC

Central Sterile Supply Tech

A sterile supply technician is a medical equipment professional who sterilizes, prepares, and distributes instruments.

Central Processing Tech

Sterile processing technicians are responsible for ensuring that laboratory and healthcare equipment is cleaned and sterilized properly.

Medical Supply Tech

Medical Supply Technicians are responsible for preparing and distributing sterile instruments in a healthcare facility.

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What is Sterile Processing Technician?

Sterile Processing Tech is a rewarding career in the constantly growing and evolving field of health care. It’s a very important position to be held in the Healthcare Industry that you rarely hear about. Don’t worry I’m here to educate you! Sterile Processing Technician s also known as SPD Techs are responsible for cleaning sterilizing surgical instruments. Also equipment storage and supplies while examining,operating and maintaining sterilizer machine. However the list goes on. Here, I promise you’ll learn the skills and knowledge to succeed to help you stand out for success!