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What is Sterile Processing Technician?

Sterile Processing Tech is a rewarding career in the constantly growing and evolving field of health care. It’s a very important position to be held in the Healthcare Industry that you rarely hear about. Don’t worry I’m here to educate you! Sterile Processing Technician s also known as SPD Techs are responsible for cleaning sterilizing surgical instruments. Also equipment storage and supplies while examining,operating and maintaining sterilizer machine. However the list goes on. Here, I promise you’ll learn the skills and knowledge to succeed to help you stand out for success!

Here’s a list of names known as Sterile Processing Tech:

  • Central Sterile Supply Tech
  • Medical Supply Tech
  • Central Processing Tech
  • Certified Sterile Science Tech

Frequently Asked Questions!

1 - Can I get a job with this certificate?

Yes! You may apply for job positions as soon as enrollment.

2 - Do you need a high school diploma to apply for this certificate?

No! You are not required by the CBSPD Board to have a high school diploma as a requirement for your certification exam application.

3 - Do you have a payment plan or it is the full amount?

Yes! We do have a payment plan for another option.

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Amanda L

I’m a single mom and I don’t have a sitter. It’s such an oxymoron when you’re trying to be more financially stable but always have to pay for a babysitter to do it. In this case, I’m home with my child and I’m able to learn online on my own time. Miss. Wright is not your typical teacher, she really cares about her student succeeding.

Pamela E

I’m sooo glad that I took this course. Especially it being on-line it really helps with my busy schedule.

Anthoni J

Online classes are seamless and flow greatly. It’s not a hard class to take on your own.

Sade J

Emily W

This is so convenient and the fact that I can do it at my own pace. I was able to start my new career before graduation. The teacher is always assessable at no additional charge.

Jonathan R

Very informative worth the change! I”m relieved with this class because I haven’t been in school for years. The thought of it was Taboo. But the instructor made this a walk in the park.